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What is a Newborn Photography Experience Like?

If you are a soon to be parent and are considering in investing in a photography session with your newborn, you may be wondering what a newborn photography experience is actually like and what happens during a session.

I know from my own experience how hard it is to get out of the house with a newborn and what a major achievement it is for new mums and dads. I understand how tiring it is when you are not getting much sleep so our sessions are organised in a way to make sure that parents have a stress-free time whilst their newborns are being photographed.

At our studios, we set up your photo experience to make it as relaxing and easy as possible for new parents. One of our customers Natalie told us, “On arrival at the studio we as parents were made to feel special in a relaxed environment with “Mummy and Daddy cups” for hot drinks and complimentary cold drinks and cookies. Sarah looked after our baby Henry straight away so that we were able to sit back and enjoy the experience of watching her capture Henry. Nothing was rushed and Sarah’s priority was that Henry was comfortable and content at all times which was lovely to see.”

Can We Bring Older Children Our Newborn Photography Experience?

As a mum of three children myself, I know how siblings love to be included with what is going on around them and even more so during a newborn photography experience. It is important for older siblings to be included as much as possible and we encourage them to take an important role in the photography experience and be a big part of the day.
The sibling photographs are often a firm favourite with parents when they come to their viewing session. Zachary’s mum Sally said, “We had the pleasure of meeting Sarah for our little boy’s newborn photoshoot at 10 days new. Sarah was absolutely fabulous from start to finish and captured the most amazing pictures of our Zachary and his big sister Layla, that we will undoubtedly cherish forever. We also opted for a family portrait, which could have been challenging with a 10-day and 2-year old. However, Sarah is not only a very talented photographer, but great at creating a calming environment which enabled her to take the most natural and beautiful shots imaginable.”

Are Dogs Allowed at Our Newborn Photography Experience?

An integral member for many families is our four-legged friends. I am often are asked if the whole family, including the family dog, can come along to the session. I understand how families feel who want to include their beloved dog as part of the big family. I am a dog lover and owner myself and so I welcome dogs to the photoshoot. Who said it was never a good idea to work with children and animals? It really is a joy to work with both.

We recently welcomed into the studio Hayley and her family with an unexpected guest. Recounting her experience, Hayley said, “Sarah is amazing at what she does, not only did we turn up with our 5-day old baby, we sprung it upon her and brought our 3-month-old puppy, Benny. Sarah didn’t even bat an eyelid when we asked if it was ok for him to come in. We didn’t expect to get Addalyn and Benny photographed together but Sarah made it happen. Sarah was so gentle with Addalyn and as a first-time mum she completely put my mind at rest and Addalyn was so content throughout the session.”

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Puppy Benny and Addalyn

Looking After Your Baby

Your newborn will be only a few days old when you visit us and so our priority is to create a calm environment for your baby. Using my extensive training I know how best to handle tiny babies and so work carefully with your baby to capture your images in a safe and experienced way.

The handling and comfort of your baby is something that all parents have worries and concerns about. Your baby will only be a few days old so it is expected to feel a little anxious. Many of the parents we work with express how happy and comfortable they feel with the way their babies are lovingly handled and we receive very positive feedback about their babies’ experience.  

Jo was one of our competition winners and after bringing her tiny baby daughter to the studio said, “Thank you so much Sarah for the opportunity to win such an amazing experience having Olivia being photographed to capture her in such detail and character at this young age to have forever. You were the ultimate baby whisperer. She was as calm as I’ve seen her and loved every minute posing for you. I can’t recommend enough the ultimate personal yet professional experience.”

Tiffany also shared how she felt about the experience she had with her baby, I cannot praise Sarah enough for her work and hospitality. The studio was so welcoming and comfortable with little personalised touches for our session. She was so patient and gentle with Francesca; I felt completely at ease with her holding and handling my daughter”.

A Summary of What to Expect

During your newborn photography experience you will:

  • Have the opportunity to relax and be looked after during your time at the studio
  • Make your session an active experience for all the family, including four-legged ones
  • Feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your baby is being handled carefully and is comfortable

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our clients for sharing their experiences with us. It is always helpful to hear about other parents’ experiences so we can share them with other mums and dads to help them understand what is involved in a session. It is our number one priority to make sure our parents feel assured and happy their baby will be well cared for and comfortable in a safe and calm environment.

If you are considering having your own newborn photography experience and would like to know more or make a booking, please visit our newborn page.

If you like to have a chat with any questions you have, please send us a message and we will be happy to talk it through with you over the phone.


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