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Safety Update: Reopening the Studio

Reopening the Studio: Your Safety and Capturing Your Precious Portraits

We have really missed capturing your most precious memories as portraits for you to treasure forever. It is so exciting to be reopening on 25th June and we have taken every precaution we can to ensure the safety of every wonderful family we welcome to the studio. This does mean we have had to change a few things in the studio. One thing that definitely won’t change though… will still have a wonderful studio experience while we capture once-in-a-lifetime portraits that you and your family will adore.

What Changes Have We Made to the Studio?

We Take Your Family’s Safety Very Seriously

We have always maintained exemplary levels of cleanliness in the studio but we have now taken it to the next level.

As a qualified member of the Master Photographers Association (MPA), we have signed up to their COVID-19 Protocol. This protocol states that we will follow the COVID-19 advice given by HM Government, the devolved Parliaments of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and our Local Authority.

In addition, we will maintain a clean and safe environment for ourselves and our clients. A full copy of the MPA COVID-19 Protocol can be found here. As part of this protocol, we have also drawn up our own COVID-19 Health and Safety procedure which is available here.

So What Does This Mean for Your Family in the Studio?

To abide by these guidelines, we have had to make a few changes in the studio, including the following:

  • A cabinet outside the studio to store shoes, change bags, etc to avoid them coming into the studio for now. Leaving your coats in the car would be a great help too
  • For the time being, we ask if you could take baby out of their car seat and carry them into the studio in your arms, to avoid bringing the car seat into the studio
  • Hand sanitisers are available throughout the studio and we ask all of our wonderful families to use them as often as possible
  • Anti-viral wipes are provided, which we ask everyone to use on any items which come into the studio, such as mobile phones
  • Social distancing markers are in place, mainly for me to know where I can stand to maintain social distancing which have dinosaur footprints on them so hopefully little ones will like them as much as me!
  • I will be wearing a mask at all times and a face shield, if it is necessary to move inside the statutory social distancing markers briefly to capture a portrait. I will also be wearing gloves as well as frequently using hand sanitiser
  • The posing of babies or toddlers will, for now, be done by mums and dads until we can be sure that it is safe for me to come into contact with babies again, even when wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). This will mean we will need to concentrate on the simpler poses for now. Please don’t worry though as we will still capture amazing portraits that you will absolutely love
  • We will be keeping sessions shorter than usual while these restrictions are in place but I promise you will still have a lovely studio experience and leave with some precious memories captured forever
Our dinosaur social distancing markers

Is There Anything You Need to Do Before Visiting the Studio?

Anyone who has visited the studio before will know that I always call you just prior to your visit to answer any last minute queries you may have and, particularly with newborn experiences, also to chat about colour schemes etc.

For the time being, I will now be calling a few days before the sessions, to confirm colour schemes in time for me to make sure everything to be used is rewashed and ready for your session. I will then give you a quick call again on the afternoon before your session to make sure both your family and mine are all fit and well.

I do ask that if anyone is feeling slightly unwell, we reschedule for at least 14 days after you began feeling unwell. I will also do the same if myself or any of my family is unwell.

Please also wash your hands thoroughly before you come to the studio and then use the hand sanitiser provided throughout your studio visit.

What Can’t We Do at the Moment?

Our photography experiences are a chance for us to spoil you. Under normal circumstances you can sit back and relax while we treat you to tea, coffee, cold drinks and cookies while we capture your most precious portraits.

Unfortunately, for now, we can’t provide any refreshments. We are really sad about this as we love letting you relax, but your safety must come first and so for now we suggest you bring your own drinks and snacks. As soon as we can, we will be spoiling you again!

Also, for those of you that have visited before, you will know that our bathroom is just inside the front door of our house. Due to the current regulations, we are unable to allow anyone into the house and so, for the time being, it means we don’t have any bathroom facilities available. Our sessions will be shorter than normal while these restrictions are in place so hopefully you should be okay.

What Does the Studio Look Like Now?

We have put together a simple video showing you what has changed in the studio and what it looks like now. Do have a quick watch – I hope it will be useful.

We really can’t wait to start welcoming you back and capturing those timeless portraits for you, whilst maintaining a safe studio environment.

Here’s how we will look after your family safely

If you need further information about our newborn photography experiences, then do contact me for more information.

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