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Keeping the Studio Safe – What Our Clients Say

It has been so wonderful to be able to start capturing timeless portraits again for the lovely families I can now welcome to the studio. As everyone knows who has been to the studio, every baby is treated like my own and therefore I am passionate about making the studio as safe as possible. Before I reopened the studio, I worked really hard to make sure I had everything in place to ensure the safety of every family.

Examples of the Changes in Place

The studio was one of the first to sign up for the Master Photographers Association COVID-19 Protocol. This was developed alongside the government guidelines surrounding COVID-19 and lists all the necessary procedures that must take place before and after a studio session to comply with the safety guidelines issued by the government. It is also updated as and when the government guidelines change.

Before the studio opened, I rearranged everything to ensure only the props and items needed for each session were on show. Everything else is stored away safely.

A few days before each session, I make sure I have a detailed consultation call with the family I will be welcoming to the studio to run through their session. Within this consultation, we chat about colour schemes as well as any favourite styles they may have seen from me previously. This gives me time to make sure everything required for the session is washed and ready. All props are cleaned with anti-viral solution and items such as real wool fleeces, that cannot be washed, are also sprayed with anti-viral solution.

I am sure everyone has seen on my Facebook page the personal protective equipment (PPE) I wear during each session to ensure everyone’s safety. I may look like I have been ‘pulled through a hedge backwards’ by the end of a session but it is worth it just to keep everyone safe. Wherever possible I keep at least a 1m distance from everyone. On the few occasions it isn’t possible, I limit the time I am less than 1m.

Sarah Baldock in PPE

One of the saddest things is that, at present, I can’t offer my lovely families tea, coffee and cookies! I love being able to spoil families when they come to the studio so I do miss this part of the sessions. As soon as I can, I will definitely be reintroducing all the little treats!

After each session, the studio is extensively deep cleaned – even more so than before the pandemic. Everything in the studio is either washed or treated with anti-viral solution. Props are treated and then put away and not used for 72 hours.

These are just some of the many changes that have been made to the studio and the sessions themselves.

How Have These Changes Affected a Family’s Experience?

I am aware that sessions in the studio aren’t quite what they used to be at the moment. However, I have always been determined that Mums and Dads will still have an amazing studio experience. I want them to look at their final artwork and not only remember how tiny their gorgeous babies were but also to remember how special their photography experience was too.

The only way to truly see if I have achieved my goal so far is to hear from some of the wonderful families that have visited the studio after lockdown. So here are just some of the wonderful testimonials I have received since we reopened.

newborn baby wrapped in muslin and sleeping in a basket

Kirsty and Aaran with 9-day-old Evie

“We can honestly say Sarah’s work is truly wonderful! We had such an amazing experience and now have beautiful images to last a lifetime. Every care was given towards the current Covid19 restrictions too we felt completely safe the whole time. Thank you again the images are everything we could have wished for and more.”

Laura and Lee with 8-day-old Zachary, 4-year-old Samuel and 7-year-old Maisie

“Sarah has once again captured the most beautiful images of our family! We felt totally ‘safe’ with all the necessary precautions in place and she has gone above and beyond to ensure we received a really professional service!”

Kirsty and Matt with 7-week-old Noah

“I cannot put into words how happy my husband and I were with the photos. Sarah was amazing from start to finish. Due to the current climate, our shoot was slightly different to normal but we didn’t feel that one bit. Sarah and I had many telephone calls before the shoot and every time we spoke she was always so friendly and helpful- this was not just with the photos but with everything from my birth to breastfeeding. Sarah captured such treasured moments from when Noah was 7 days using a home photoshoot and 7 weeks in the studio. I cannot recommend Sarah enough- her work is amazing. Sarah thank you so much xxx”

Farah with 16-month-old Yusha

“I am honestly in awe after seeing the beautiful images captured by Sarah. I am very pleased with the entire experience; Sarah was extremely professional throughout and helped us all feel at ease especially during these unprecedented times. I would definitely recommend Sarah! Xx”

Continuing to Capture Once-in-a-Lifetime Memories

Thank you so much to all the wonderful families that have visited the studio since we reopened. It is so lovely to read testimonials like these. It means a lot to know that families are still enjoying their experience as well as feeling totally safe. For now, I will be continuing with the procedures I have in place. I have lots of wonderful families booked over the next few months for maternity, newborn, sitter, 1st Birthday and family photography experiences and I want to continue to give them a fun and safe experience.

If you would like more information on maternity, newborn, sitter, 1st Birthday and family photography experience, please do get in contact here. The studio is getting pretty busy so do give plenty of time before you would like to come into the studio.

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