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Celebrating Your Newborn’s 1st Birthday

Wow! Your little newborn baby is turning 1! How did that happen? One minute you were cradling them in your arms and the next minute they are learning to crawl, starting to walk and quite often chattering away to you and getting most frustrated when you can’t quite get what they mean!

A 1st birthday is most definitely a milestone for all the family. Not only is your little one growing up and learning new things, let’s face it so are we as parents! For this reason, it is most definitely a time to celebrate and a time for creating more precious memories. What better way to remember this milestone than with a 1st Birthday Photography Experience?

What is a 1st Birthday Photography Experience?

A 1st Birthday Photography Experience is a chance to have fun while capturing once-in-a-lifetime portraits for families to treasure forever. We love nothing more than celebrating a 1st birthday in the studio! We always start by capturing precious portraits of the birthday boy or girl. We have a number of different props that we can use for these initial portraits. We also encourage families to bring in items that are special to them. Perhaps they had a newborn session with little one’s first teddy? It is always very special to bring it in again for their 1st birthday experience as you can see just how much little ones have grown (and often how loved the teddy is by how worn it is!).

Of course, we also capture timeless family portraits as well. This can be mum and dad and siblings too if there are big brothers and sisters. We always make sure we have a good selection of portraits of the birthday boy or girl with just mum, just dad and just siblings too.

One of the very popular options for a 1st birthday is a 1st Birthday Cake Smash. A Cake Smash makes for some wonderful portraits to treasure forever and little ones find it so much fun. We provide a naked cake to match the theme of your session. We find naked cakes work best as little ones often aren’t keen on too much icing and so a naked cake is a perfect solution; mainly cake with just a small amount of icing all around the outside.

Which Cake Smash Type is Best for your Little One?

We are all the same aren’t we – we have different ways of eating certain things….cream eggs, Kit-Kats, Oreos. Well, little ones also have their own way of smashing their cake! There are three main types: the ones that get stuck in and smash their cake completely, the ones that love to eat the cake and are in no way going to waste it by smashing it to pieces, and the ones who are really not sure they are even going to touch it, let alone smash it!

Trust me, it doesn’t matter which one of these categories your little one falls into to (or even if they start their own category) we always capture such wonderful memories for mums and dads to treasure forever.

Not So Keen on Cake but Would Like to Try Something Else?

Whether it’s for dietary reasons or just because your little one isn’t so keen on cake, it is no problem to choose something other than cake for your little one to get stuck into. There is fruit for example; Watermelon, banana, strawberries, melon and pineapple are just some of the fruits we have used. We can even make them into a cake shape! Or there is always spaghetti…little ones love it as it is just like going to messy play!

Do We Have to Have a ‘Smash’?

The simple answer is no, not at all. We quite often have a 1st Birthday Portrait Session instead. These sessions focus on the portrait part of the 1st birthday celebration and don’t include any food at all. Whatever you chose, the portraits are always so special and timeless and something magical to help you remember this milestone forever.

Splash Session

Most little ones love a bath! Whether your little one has got themselves covered in cake or whether we have captured lots of wonderful portraits, we love having a splash session at the end. A vintage bowl full of warm soapy water with bubbles always goes down a storm. We have even done a few milk baths and put fruit into the milk bath, which is great fun and creates some amazing portraits.

Choose Your Theme and What to Include in your Session

The portraits from a 1st Birthday Experience will be treasured forever and displayed on the wall for many years to come. That is why we always consult with families both when they book and about a week before the session and chat through any themes they may want. Our 1st Birthday Portraits are always classical and timeless and we do love to use any themes that mums and dads may want to include. Whether it is pink, blue, creams, rainbow, cowboy or even jungle-themed, we can include the perfect backdrop and props to make sure your portraits are stunning and you will be proud to show them to all your family and friends.

How to Book Your 1st Birthday Experience

If you would like any further information, or to book your little one’s 1st Birthday Photograph Experience, then do get in contact and I would love to have a chat with you. I hope to speak to you soon and to be able to have fun in the studio celebrating your little one’s milestone birthday very soon.

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