7 weeks old baby sleeping in a basket

Can We Have a Newborn Photoshoot When Our Baby is Older Than 2 Weeks Old?

The short answer to this is yes!

Most newborn photographers, including myself, always say the best time to capture perfect newborn portraits is within the first 7 to 10 days after the baby arrives. This is essentially true. At this age, babies are still all curled up and sleepy and will tend to feed and then fall straight back into a deep sleep. It means that we can then capture those beautiful, tiny newborn features while baby sleeps through it all. This is also why we recommend booking after your 20-week scan to ensure we can schedule you in based on your due date.

However, this is often not possible. Particularly with the current situation with all photography studios closed due to Covid-19. There are also other, more common reasons too; anything from baby or mum having to have a prolonged stay in hospital to just not booking until baby is a few weeks old.

Are There Any Differences in the Sessions with Newborn Babies Older Than 2 Weeks?

The one thing I say if you have missed the 2-week window is “don’t panic”! We have welcomed many babies that are older and still capture timeless portraits of their baby on their own and with their mummy, daddy and siblings too. We always like to mention that with older newborn babies, some of the poses may not be possible, or may take longer to achieve.

Disadvantages of Older Babies

With each week post-birth, babies become more stretched out as they get used to being outside of the womb. They also become more alert and tend to stay awake for longer with fewer periods of deep sleep. Depending on their age they may be less keen on being wrapped too, although even older babies still tend to like the added security of being wrapped to some extent.

Advantages of Older Babies

With each of these potential ‘disadvantages’, there are also many advantages too. The skin of older babies has usually settled down to being outside of the womb and is normally perfectly soft and smooth. Generally, we also capture the most amazing portraits with baby’s eyes open and looking directly at the camera. In addition, depending on their age, we may even capture their first few smiles, which tend to start at around 6 weeks. Trust me, those smiles will just melt you…..they always do me and I am always hugely excited when I can capture a precious smile for mums and dads to treasure. They are also generally the most popular portraits to have as wall art for the nursery wall.

A Wonderful Experience for Any Age

In terms of the photography experience, this is still the same for all our wonderful families, whatever you newborn baby’s age. You get to sit back and relax and enjoy tea, coffee, cold drinks and cookies while we capture timeless portraits for you. We always get Mums and Dads involved too – those family portraits are often the most precious for future generations. These family portraits are also still the most popular for the lounge wall – even with older babies.

newborn baby held in parents hands
10-week old baby

Are There Any Poses You Can’t Do with Older Newborns?

What are the typical portraits that you capture with older newborn babies?

This depends a lot on each individual baby, in the same way as a very newborn baby. We have a number of slightly larger props, which we can use for bigger babies. We can also capture the simple beanbag portraits too, with baby on their back, either partly or fully wrapped in beautiful soft wraps.

As with our newborn sessions, we will still contact you just prior to your session and chat through any particular colour schemes. I always tend to use predominantly neutral colours but we have a number of different colour schemes to suit everyone’s tastes and always make sure we feature your particular favourites. We often get families saying ‘we really don’t mind, you choose’, which I particularly love as I have so many favourites.

older newborn baby cuddling rabbit
Older baby

What Should I do Next for My Photography Experience?

What to do if you have a pre-lockdown session booked

If you already have a session booked with us but may not be able to come in quite as quickly as planned due to the current lockdown, please don’t worry. I will be in contact in plenty of time and will talk you through everything. I hope the above has reassured you that the portraits we capture are always truly amazing, no matter the age of your gorgeous newborn.

If you think you’re too late to book, get in touch

If you haven’t booked anything yet, would like to, but are concerned either that it’s too late or that you won’t be able to come in straight away, I hope this blog has put your mind at rest. Please get in contact either by phone, e-mail or through the website, let me know your due date, or the date baby arrived and I can give you a call and have a chat.

I can’t wait to be able to welcome you to the studio and make sure you have the most amazing photography experience with your new addition as well as capture timeless portraits that you will be proud to display on your walls for many years to come.

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