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Newborn Photography – An Investment for Generations to Come

We love welcoming families and their new arrivals to the studio, and we know how very special it is capturing precious images of those early days. From our first conversation, we love telling clients what they can expect when they come to our studio, and what their newborn photography experience includes. When you are investing for future generations, we want you to be totally happy with your choice of photographer for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. To help you decide if Newborn Art by SJ Baldock is the right photographer for you, we thought it may help to understand a little more about how we work.

Before your session

Most mums and dads-to-be first contact us after their 20-week scan. Once booked, we hold a date for them based on their due date. We know only too well that babies very often do not arrive on their due date, so we are extremely flexible when we book you in! Once you let us know that your beautiful baby has arrived, we will contact you a couple of days before your session and talk through everything with you, including your favourite colour schemes, what particular images are important to you and just generally learn a little more about you and your baby. We want you to be totally comfortable when you arrive at the studio, so we invest time to help you feel prepared.

The Studio Time

Sometimes we spend 3 hours on a newborn studio session, sometimes nearer 5 hours. It very much depends on your baby as everything goes at baby’s speed. We don’t rush you or your baby and if we need to stop for feeds or cuddles midway through, we do that! We only book one shoot on any particular day, and a limited number a month, so we can give each family the attention they deserve.

The Editing

Once we’ve spent time in the studio, we will edit the images to produce the slideshow you see at your viewing. This is a specialist skill, and we can spend up to 4 hours on this, depending on the images we have captured. To ensure baby is safe at all times, some final images are prepared as a composite of three or four different images. Once you’ve chosen your artwork at your viewing, there will very often be additional time spent on the images, ensuring everything is totally perfect for your precious wall art.

The Studio

The studio space has been specially designed for newborns! It’s cosy and warm, whatever time of year you visit us. The best temperature is 26-28oC so we have the heating on a lot. We also supply thoughtful extras, from fresh tea, coffee, cold drinks and cookies to branded nappies and wipes.

The Equipment and Props

We have a professional studio, with a selection of quality backdrops, lighting and cameras. We also have a selection of colour schemes, which include cushions, blankets, outfits, hats and headbands for our clients to choose from. These are all loving chosen from specialist supplies to ensure anything that comes into contact you’re your baby is naturally sourced and perfectly soft. We are regularly investing in new props.


Sarah has undergone extensive training in studio photography, and in particular, a lot of specialist training in the safe care and handling of newborns. She does have three boys herself, but every baby is precious and different, and learning to soothe, pose and safely position babies to capture those precious, timeless images is a skill. All of these skills take considerable training, practice and time to develop and need continuous investment so she can continue to do it safely and with care.

Make Sure You Feel Happy

We understand that there are many other photographers out there. We always encourage any mums and dads to be that contact us to make sure they feel totally happy with us before they make the investment in our newborn photography experience and timeless artwork of their perfect newborn baby.

If you would like to know anything else about how we work, please do get in touch


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How to choose the Best Newborn Photographer

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