newborn baby cradled by parents

How to Feel Prepared for your Newborn Photography Experience

Your first few days with your newborn baby are some of the most special memories you will ever have. Capturing timeless images for you to treasure forever is the best way to remember every single moment.

When I talk to parents prior to their newborn photography experience I know they are absolutely focused on capturing timeless images of their beautiful baby in those very early days.

However, they are often more reluctant to get in front of the camera themselves. Is this you? I am here to reassure you how precious these first family images actually are. Every time I capture images of mum and dad with their tiny newborn, they are some of the most treasured images. Believe it or not, they are also the images most likely to lead to tears in the viewing session. Often that perfect family image of the three (or more!) is the one that new mums and dads choose for their wall art too.

Understandably mums are often feeling rather tired, even a little shell shocked, so soon after birth and I totally understand that you might be reluctant to get in front of the camera. But do ask yourself how you would feel if you don’t take the opportunity to capture images of yourself at a really significant moment in your life.

When you have done something as amazing as giving birth, you really deserve the chance to look back on amazing images of yourself with your proudest achievement – your newborn baby!

newborn being cuddled by parents
Baby Emilia

How Should New Parents Prepare Before the Studio Session?

If you are at all nervous or apprehensive, let me know how you are feeling before you arrive, and discuss any concerns with me as we go along. I always call you a couple of days before your session and I am happy to chat through everything with you. I can assure you, you are not the first and definitely won’t be the last!

Take a little look at some of the beautiful images of new parents on our website, every single one of them was nervous about the process too and all were delighted with their final artwork and happy for me to share it with other people.

Time to Relax

You will be able to totally relax during your session. My mission is to ensure mums and dads feel pampered throughout with hot drinks, cookies and a comfortable and cosy environment, so this should help you feel at home.

Trust me to ensure that you will look amazing in the final artwork. I have captured images of hundreds of new mums and dads and without exception, everyone looked amazing. It is my job to ensure you know what to do, how to sit, how to hold your baby and how to ensure the lighting is exactly right to flatter everyone in the image so let me guide you gently through the whole experience.

On arrival at the studio we as parents were made to feel special in a relaxed environment with “Mummy & Daddy cups” for hot drinks and complimentary cold drinks & cookies.

Sarah looked after Henry straight away so that we were able to sit back & enjoy the experience of watching her capture Henry. Nothing was rushed & Sarah’s priority was that Henry was comfortable & content at all times which was lovely to see.

We liked the fact that Sarah supplied nappies & wet wipes when changing between different poses, again another added touch. We also fed Henry in the studio and didn’t feel rushed in any way.

Natalie Newbold, Mum to Henry

Working at Your Baby’s Pace

I also suggest you allow plenty of time for the experience, so you aren’t feeling rushed at any point. I only book one newborn photography experience a day, so we can totally work at the pace which is right for you and your baby and capture the very best images of everyone.

Your Appearance

Remember that even if you are feeling very critical about your appearance at the time of the studio session, you will look back on this time with happy memories. Also remember, when you look back at your artwork with your little one as they get older, all they will see is their amazing mummy and daddy, and that is more precious than anything else. Don’t miss the opportunity for me to capture images of you and your family that you will treasure forever.

newborn baby cradled by dad with eyes closed
Dad and baby Violet-Rae

What to Wear for your Photography Session?

You will be displaying your artwork proudly for many years to come and so we want it to look timeless. The best clothes to wear are neutral, non-patterned clothes. Black, white, grey or navy tops always work well. I do suggest that whichever of these colours you choose, all the family wears similar tones. It then means that your images will focus on the interaction between you and not on your clothes.

I do have some plain t-shirts in the studio in black, white and navy in various children’s and adult sizes. These are always readily available if needs be.

Hair and Make-Up

I know that it can be a challenge to find time for yourself at this stage. I also know that getting out of the house with a newborn can be a challenge in the early days, so preparing yourself may not be high on the agenda.

Don’t panic!

If you don’t get the chance to finish your hair and make-up before you leave, bring everything you need with you and there will be plenty of time for you to spend a little time on you while I am capturing baby’s individual portraits. I even have a full-length mirror in the viewing room, perfect for applying the final touches.

Light neutral make-up works well in the studio lighting and your usual hairstyle will be perfect.

Get in Touch

If you would like to talk through any aspect of the newborn photography experience in order that you are totally prepared to look and feel your very best, please do get in touch.


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How to choose the Best Newborn Photographer

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