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Capturing Essential Memories with Generational Family Portraits

Many of my clients know that I am the proud mum to three lively boys. I have images of them on my studio wall and they often pop into my social media feeds. But not everyone knows that I am an only child and I lost my mum when I was very young. I was just 20 years old when she died, which was well before I started my own family.

Quite recently I was looking for a photo of me with my mum and I discovered that I actually only have one poor quality snap. In my family, as in many others, photographs were not seen as important, and many have been burned or thrown away. It was a really sad moment, as I realised that I may have my memories of someone so special, but I have no good quality artwork to look at and display. Even more upsetting is that I have nothing to hand down to my boys to show the grandma they never knew.

Mummy and Me

Capturing Precious Moments

Having been through such a life-changing experience, I am now really passionate about helping families capture these precious moments. Through my personal experience I realise that images are not just something to treasure for now, but something important to look back on in future years.

I’ve written recently about how I encourage new mums and dads to get in front of the camera when they are feeling a little reluctant. Not only do those images capture parents at such a special moment, but they also show the start of the wonderful relationship between parents and their precious newborn baby. Many clients are surprised that the images of the two of them with their new baby is their favourite of all those we capture in the newborn photography experience and is the one they choose for their wall art.

Family portrait

Generations Captured in a Family Portrait

I’m also on a mission to help more families capture images of all the generations of a family. I have had several family groups in the studio recently where I have welcomed newborns, their mum and dad, but also one or more grandparents. It is a real privilege to meet the older generation and to capture a portrait of the whole family.

It is particularly exciting when the newborn is the first grandchild. I love being able to capture the start of that very important relationship between child and grandparent and the beginning of the grandparent’s new adventure.

This image can become such a valuable part of the family history for everyone involved, and truly something that will be treasured for many generations. In the viewing session, we have had a wonderful time spotting family resemblances and choosing artwork for parents and grandparents to enjoy in their homes.

Through the generations

Beyond Newborn

I also love welcoming families who are beyond the newborn stage, perhaps on the occasion of a significant birthday of a grandparent. Some families book their portrait when family members who live overseas are back in the country for a brief visit. There doesn’t even have to be a reason to get your whole family together for a multi-generation portrait!

What matters is that your family has memories to last a lifetime and beyond. We have even welcomed one great-grandma to the studio, which was incredibly special and something we would love to do again. Four generations in one image actually brought tears to my eyes.

It can be difficult to look forward in your life and anticipate what might happen to members of your family. But I can guarantee that you will never regret having artwork of all your loved ones together.

As you may know, I am a qualified member of The Master Photographers’ Association, which is really keen to encourage families to capture multi-generational portraits. In fact, it has commissioned a video as part of the campaign. Take a look here:

Look what happened the day grandad babysat – The Master Photographer’s Association

If you would like to book a newborn photography experience or a multi-generational portrait of your family, do get in contact and we can give you a call.

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