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How to Display Your Newborn Artwork

We all love reminiscing, whether it be back to a birthday last year or further back to the birth of your baby as they are celebrating a momentous birthday, we all love remembering precious family moments from the past.

Many of the families who visit our studio come back time after time. We absolutely love being able to welcome them again and share in their family journey. One theme which always runs through the conversation when they return is how they treasure being able to remember their previous photography experiences when they look at their artwork. With sibling sessions, it is wonderful to be able to compare the older sibling as a newborn versus them as a big brother or sister. Even if a family didn’t have a newborn photoshoot with their first child, being able to capture precious family portraits as their first baby becomes an older sibling is just as precious.

Realising how important it is to be able to look back on special family memories means the choice you make on how to display your artwork is a very essential one. There are some questions to consider before deciding where to display your artwork. We have listed some options here to help you make your decision.

Do You Like Displaying Artwork on the Wall?

One of the first decisions to make is whether or not you want to display your newborn artwork on the wall, this is a wonderful way to remember those precious moments every time you walk past the wall. Wall art can also be handed down the generations and becomes more valuable as the years go by and become a family heirloom.

For a wall art display, the choice is whether to have one feature portrait or multiple portraits and create a gallery of your most treasured ones. For displays above a sofa or a bed, one large feature piece is a stunning way to present your artwork. For smaller walls, a gallery installation may work better.

The best thing to do is to choose your wall space first, measure it and then decide on your size of wall art.

single newborn portrait
A stunning feature newborn portrait

Would You Prefer a Collection of Portraits?

Many families prefer to have a collection of portraits to look through. If this is you, then a folio box would be the perfect choice. A folio box is a hugely popular option and gives you a collection of portraits, beautifully archivally mounted in a stunning presentation box.

Being able to look through your portraits and choose which ones to display is a wonderful option. You can even display different portraits throughout the year. It also gives you the option to look through them all with the family. I can guarantee your children will love looking back at their newborn portraits, amazed that they were ever that small.

In fact, I am also fairly sure if you have siblings who look alike there will be the odd dispute as to which child is featured in the artwork!

Folio Box Newborn Artwork
One of our Folio Boxes

Do You Want the Best of Both?

A third option is to have the ‘best of both worlds’.

Why not choose both a beautiful wall art to display with pride and a folio box with all of your favourite portraits for you to enjoy for years to come? These really do become family heirlooms to be treasured.

Do You Prefer Digital Images?

Being in the midst of the digital era, it is very easy to think ‘I have the digital images so I don’t need to worry about the artwork’.

But consider this, will you ever sit down and look at those with your children? I am fairly sure the answer will be no.

To see and feel your artwork, be it on the wall or in a beautiful bespoke folio box, is so much more precious. This isn’t just my view, it’s also the view of the lovely families who visit the studio.

One of the most common things I hear from returning families is they love looking at their artwork and although they had the digitals too, they haven’t really done anything more with them.

Whilst digital images are a great backup it is not the best stand-alone option for enjoying your wonderful portraits. With this in mind, we provide a complimentary digital file for each artwork you purchase. That way families can enjoy the ‘tangible’ i.e. the wall art or the folio box while being safe in the knowledge they have the digital files too.

The Choice is Yours

After your studio session with us, you will have your own personalised gallery presentation when I will guide you through all the choices available and suggest the best artwork option for you.

Thinking about the questions above gives you a better idea in your mind of which newborn artwork options might work best for you and your family.

I can’t guarantee you will stick with your option when you see your portraits. Many of the families who visit the studio are surprised by their final artwork decision.

However, there is one thing I can definitely guarantee, you will be absolutely delighted with your final artwork choice and it will bring you many years of joy.

If you have any questions about artwork options then do get in touch and I will happily answer them for you.

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