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Christmas Photography Sessions at Our Staffordshire Studio

Christmas with children is such a special time. Whether you are celebrating your first Christmas as a family of three, maybe your first Christmas with siblings, or just another exciting festive season with your little ones, it is truly magical. As with all these precious moments, they are over so quickly and you soon forget the excitement and wonderment. It is for this reason I started my Christmas photography experiences in the studio last year.

The Reason Behind Our Christmas Photoshoots

As anyone who has visited the studio knows, I love nothing more than spending time in the studio with all the wonderful families that visit, capturing their most treasured memories and giving them a relaxing, enjoyable and memorable studio experience. Therefore, I wasn’t sure if the shorter Christmas experiences would work as well. It was when so many of my lovely clients last year asked if I would hold specific Christmas experiences that I decided to set them up. Everyone who visited the studio loved them and had a great time……and so did I!

Seeing the children in all their Christmas outfits and watching their little faces light up with Christmas magic was just amazing! We captured some stunning portraits too, which I am sure all the families treasured….in fact I know they did as they all told me! There was little doubt in my mind that I was going to do the same this year.

So What is Different This Year?

I don’t need to mention what a strange year 2020 has been. Much as I dislike using the word, unprecedented certainly hits the nail on the head! So much has happened and so many changes have been put into place but I was determined to try and hold my Christmas experiences again if it was at all possible. Children still want to experience the magic of Christmas and mums and dads still want the memories of their family Christmas, maybe even more so this year. With many of the Christmas adventures unable to open due to COVID-19, I wanted to try and give families something to enjoy.

So with some careful planning the Newborn Art by SJ Baldock Christmas Grotto photography experience was born!

Sessions will run over three Saturdays in November (7th, 21st and 28th), with each session being 20 minutes. Between sessions, the studio will be deep cleaned and aired before we welcome the next family 90 minutes later. Any props used will be thoroughly cleaned with anti-viral solution between each session and any props that can’t be wiped clean will be sprayed and then put away and not used for at least 72 hours. In short, our COVID-19 health and safety protocol will be exactly the same as normal and the studio will still be fully COVID-safe.

Christmas Portrait Sessions 2020

This year, all children booked on for our Christmas experience will receive a personalised, hand-finished invitation posted to them about 3 weeks before their session. We want to build up the excitement as we can’t wait for Christmas to come to the studio!

On the day of the experience, all portraits will be captured by Elfie the Christmas Elf! There will be a little grotto in the studio garden to get the children feeling all Christmassy and then we will capture wonderful, festive portraits of the little ones (and the family as well so don’t think mums and dads have escaped!) using our gorgeous Christmas backdrop. You will have three digitals downloads included in your experience with the option to purchase additional portraits if you wish. You will be able to view them online after your session, so it will be easy to choose.

Before you leave the studio, Father Christmas has given Elfie a special gift all the way from the North Pole. The gift includes a magical reindeer bell, which little ones need to ring on Christmas Eve before they go to bed, some reindeer food for them to sprinkle in the garden to show the reindeers where to land, and a classic Christmas book for you to read with them before they go to sleep on Christmas Eve. It is actually the book my Mum used to read to me every Christmas Eve and one that I now read to my three boys so I can’t wait to be able to pass on our tradition.

Your Christmas Portraits

You will be able to download your three digital portraits from your dedicated online gallery about a week after your session. I know we will capture more than three gorgeous portraits, so you will have the option to purchase additional digital portraits if you wish, but which portraits you fall in love with and choose is totally up to you.

Is it Too Late to Book a Christmas Photography Experience?

At the time of writing this blog we do still have a few sessions left. They are very limited, obviously, due to the rigorous cleaning between sessions but there is at least one session available for each date. If you, or anyone you know is interested in booking a Christmas experience with us, follow this link and you will be able to book directly and pay via PayPal. You will then receive a confirmation letter from Elfie the Christmas Elf herself!

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