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Can I Bring My Teddy?

We like to make everyone feel very special while they are with us in the studio. We want the final artwork to be something you will love and treasure for a lifetime, and for it to be personal to you and your family. When we contact families before the shoot to finalise the details, many people ask us if they can bring special toys or items of clothing to feature in their images. The answer is, very definitely, yes!

We love seeing your treasured teddy bears and soft toys, whether they are bought especially for your newborn, or they are a family heirloom being passed to the next generation. Steiff bears, tiny knitted teddies and cuddly elephants bigger than the baby have all visited our studio. We have also done shoots with special blankets and items of clothing, sometimes made by a family member who is no longer with us, which makes for a particularly special experience. We’ve even had mum’s wedding veil make an appearance on a newborn shoot, which resulted in a wonderful final image.

This your shoot, and we want to work with you to plan the images you want. If you know you want to bring something special, it’s lovely if you let us know in advance. We contact you before the shoot, so mention it at that point, or message us a day or two before you come to the studio. That way we can plan the shoot to capture the images you want. We can also think about backdrops, fabrics, colours and lighting that complement your special items.

If you don’t have anything special to bring, don’t worry, we have a collection of beautiful handmade blankets in the studio for you to choose from, as well as hats and headbands in different colours and styles. And of course we have your precious newborn, and they are absolutely beautiful all by themselves.

If you want a little inspiration, take a look at the pages of the website, or pop over to our Facebook page to see a selection of images. Whatever you choose to bring we look forward to seeing you in the studio very soon.

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