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When Should I Book Newborn Photos?

To capture those timeless sleepy newborn images that every parent loves, it is best to have your photography session when your baby is between 7 and 10 days old. At this very early stage babies are at their most sleepy and relaxed. They are also still all curled up from being in mummy’s tummy so they absolutely love being curled up in one of our wraps or our specially designed props. We often find babies will have a good feed at the start of the session and sleep beautifully through the whole experience. This gives us the opportunity to get an amazing gallery of images together.

We capture a mixture of wrapped images and also more natural images without any wraps, clothes or nappies (and yes we do have plenty of accidents – it’s no problem at all), as well as images with mum, dad and siblings if there are any, all while baby is in a lovely deep sleep. We can guarantee you will love every image we capture. We keep the studio at a very cosy 26-28C, which babies absolutely love. Mums and dads often find themselves nodding off too!

Capturing Images After 10 Days

After 10 days we can, of course, capture many adorable and timeless images but there may be poses that are more difficult to achieve. Some babies are less happy to be wrapped and all babies tend to be more alert after the first couple of weeks.

There are obviously exceptions to this and so we never turn any new mums or dads away. If their precious baby is older than 10 days, we just always make them aware that there may be some images that are harder to achieve or may take longer as baby will take longer to settle. No matter what the age of your beautiful baby, their comfort and safety is always our primary concern and everything is done at baby’s speed.

When Should I Book Newborn Photos?

So you have decided to book your newborn session, what happens next?

We will talk to you about your expected due date and we will book provisional studio time for you based on that. Mums-to-be are often curious as to when the best time is for them to book their newborn photography experience. With this small window to capture the beautiful curled up images, we recommend booking around your 20-week scan.

We start by booking a ‘floating’ date based on your due date and allow some ‘leeway’ around your date to allow for early or late arrivals. We know that babies arrive when they are ready, so please do not worry about your baby arriving early or late as I am used to being flexible to accommodate your baby’s arrival.

By booking your appointment after your 20-week scan we know we may need to move your session date and so this is automatically factored into our diary. We often speak to mums where her baby has been born a little premature and this can mean that we have a little more flexibility with dates. We know that sometimes mum or baby needs to spend a few days in hospital so we can accommodate any of those unplanned eventualities. We can talk you through all of the possible options at the booking in stage.

Newborn Art by SJ Baldock Connie
Connie at just 6 days old

Can I Book My Newborn Experience at the Last Minute?

If you are nearly at your due date and have not booked a date it is always worth contacting us as we may still be able to accommodate you. With all babies’ arrivals being unpredictable, there could be some last-minute availability.

We only ever book one newborn photography experience a day as we want the whole experience to be as relaxed and calm as possible with no time constraints. Once you have booked the session date the studio is yours all day.

Creating a Relaxing Experience

We understand that for many new mums and dads coming to our studio with their week-old baby may be one of the first occasions they will have been out of the house.

It can feel daunting and overwhelming, which is why we really want to ensure you have the most relaxing experience when you are in the studio. From freshly brewed tea, coffee and cookies, to a full selection of nappies and wipes, we have everything in place for you just to walk in and relax.

What Our Clients Say

“We had the pleasure of meeting Sarah for our little boys newborn photoshoot at 10 days new. Sarah was absolutely fabulous from start to finish and captured the most amazing pictures of our Zachary and his big sister Layla, that we will undoubtedly cherish forever.”

Sally and Rich, Sutton Coldfield

“Absolutely amazing photography experience! Still cannot get over how Sarah made our little man feel so settled and comfortable throughout the whole photo shoot. Would recommend Newborn Art by SJ Baldock to anybody looking for newborn photography. She really is incredible”

Lauren and Craig, Mansfield

How We Can Help

If you have any questions about the timing of your newborn photography experience, do contact us and we will talk the process through with you.

If you would like some advice about choosing your newborn photographer, you can download our complete guide ‘How to Choose the Best Newborn Photographer for Your Family’. It’s full of helpful advice and insight to help guide you know what to expect from your photographer.


Do you need help with choosing the right newborn photographer for your family?

Download our newborn photography guide especially written for parents-to-be with everything you need to know to make the right choice of newborn photographer for your family.

How to choose the Best Newborn Photographer

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