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Top 10 Images of Your Baby to Capture When You are in Hospital

When you are in hospital with your new baby you will be feeling so many emotions at once – elation, pride, relief, tiredness, excitement! But if you can find the energy, you will also want to take photos of your beautiful newborn, to keep for yourself and to share with your friends and family.

Here are my top ten ideas for taking good quality images of your new baby while still in hospital. Before you start, remember some key things about taking the best possible images:

  • Any image will be improved if you can take it with as much natural light as possible.
  • Stand near a window if possible, with the light on the subject – this may mean you have to stand or sit to one side.
  • If you are taking images of adults, standing slightly above them so you are taking the photo looking down will always be a more flattering angle.
  • Work out how to use the focus on the camera on your phone. On an iPhone if you tap the screen before you take the photo, a yellow box will appear which you can centre on the most important item in the photo.

Hospital Tag Images

So many of us keep these little plastic tags in a safe place for years, but how many of us actually take photos of them on our newborn baby? They are so tiny, in a very few weeks you will be amazed that they once fitted on your child, so images of him or her wearing their tag will be precious. Try different angles, focussing on the tag and also focussing on the little hands and feet wearing them.

Little Feet

There is something just perfect about the tiny feet of a new baby. It will be difficult to remember this moment when you are buying size 5 football boots for your pre-teen, so trust me, this is definitely an image you will want to capture! Remember to use natural light if you possibly can, and try to capture both feet together for maximum effect.

Little Hands

Images of ten perfect fingers are adorable and filtered in black and white make a beautiful timeless image to share. This image will have even more of an impact when you can capture them.

Holding Onto Mum or Dad’s Fingers

This first image of the connection between your newborn and you or your partner will be one to treasure forever.

Tiny Nose

The image of a cute button nose may be a personal favourite of mine, particularly if you can capture it with tiny eyelashes on a sleeping baby. Definitely one to capture and look at often through the sleepless nights to come!

Baby in their Cot

A full-length image of your baby in their hospital cot will be a lovely reminder of how tiny they once were, and how much they are growing. Try different angles, including putting your camera at the end of the cot if you can – either by the head or the feet. This will create an unusual image.

Baby Oscar

Baby with Mum and Dad

The image of the three of you on the hospital bed is one that many families capture and treasure. Ask someone else to help you with this, and ask them to get close in so that you fill the screen.

A Family Shot

The moment when older siblings meet their new baby brother or sister is a special one, and definitely one to capture. Try asking older siblings to look at the baby rather than the screen for a really adorable image that you will treasure.

The Team Who Delivered your Baby

This isn’t always easy to capture. Midwives are busy people and not always keen to have the spotlight when they have supported you through childbirth! But they will appreciate being asked and if you can take their photo it will be a perfect addition to your baby’s story.

Your Baby in their Car Seat Ready to go Home

This is the perfect last image of your hospital stay, and if you can include a favourite teddy or dress baby in a preferred outfit this will be a lovely image to share with family.

A Guide to Help You Take Your Own Photos

Those are some of my favourite hospital images. Don’t forget that I can help you to capture timeless images of those early days once you are out of the hospital.

Here’s a guide I have put together for you to download to give you advice on how best to take images of your baby while still in the hospital.


Top 10 Tips to Take Photos of Your Newborn in Hospital

Download our guide to help you take the best photographs of your newborn in the first few days whilst you are in hospital and create precious memories.

baby Connie asleep being held up in her fathers hands

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baby Connie asleep being held up in her fathers hands

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